We’re one of Germany’s biggest and fastest-growing cricket clubs, and we have three men’s teams, a ladies team and youth teams in three age groups.

Strictly speaking, we’re the cricket section of the renowned sports club THCC Rot-Gelb in the west of Hamburg. The cricketing part of the club was founded back in 1995 under the name Alster Cricket Club. In 2008 Alster Cricket Club joined THC, as it was known then, and cricket was added to the club’s name to make Tennis-, Hockey- und Cricket-Club Rot-Gelb (THCC). Thus, both clubs began a new chapter in their history.
THC welcomed us with open arms and provided us with the secure environment of an established sports club. This then allowed us to concentrate on achieving success on the field.

We’ve always welcomed and continue to welcome all cricketers – our achievements have come from players from both the main cricket-playing nations and the not-so-main cricket-playing nations, including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

In 2013 the assembly of Hamburg’s Altona district awarded us the Altona Prize for Work with Children and Young People for our involvement with Afghan refugee children. In 2014 Germany’s cricket board, the DCB, presented us with the Cricket Club of the Year Award.